Come Visit PCLT at the FrOGS Art Show

OCTOBER 26TH & 27TH, 2013 ABOVE:  At the 2012 FrOGS Art Show:  A group of children at the invertebrate exhibit, learning about the small creatures that inhabit our ponds & streams; while other visitors are viewing some of the many displayed artworks in the background. PCLT will be at the FrOGS Art Show and Celebration […]
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“Moss Walk” Now On for October 20th

The long-awaited Moss Walk with Bill Buck is set for October 20th at 1pm.  We’ve had to postpone this popular event twice – once for injury and once for travel – so let’s hope ‘the third time’s the charm”.  The location of the walk is to-be-decided. If you are interested in going, email us at […]
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