Twin Hill Preserve

Town of Patterson – 33.0 Acres.

Preserve Overview:  The Twin Hill Preserve consists of thirty-three acres of scrub shrub, emergent fresh water marsh, red maple and upland mixed hardwoods overlooking the Ice Pond in Patterson.  There are two branches of the trail offering two very different hikes; the Marsh Trail and the Ridge Trail.   This preserve adjoins the Town ofPatterson’s Clough Preserve.  Each of these habitat supports within a variety of plant and wildlife habitats which are very different.

Public Uses & Activities:  The Twin Hill preserve offers opportunities for hiking, snowshoeing and other passive recreation activities such as nature study, photography, education and conservation projects.  ATVs and other motorized vehicles are not allowed on preserve trails or property.

The Property:  David and Muriel Tischler donated the preserve to PCLT on November 22, 1995.  This preserve completes the protection of the unnamed stream and wetland which flows northwesterly into the Ice Pond. Ice Pond then drains into the main body of theGreatSwamp via Muddy Brook. The wetlands and mixed hardwoods in the preserve not only provide an opportunity for hiking and wildlife study, but also protect an important upland water source to theGreatSwamp itself.  The wetlands and pond enhance water quality and help recharge aquifers, provide recreation and wildlife protection and habitat, and the vacant land filters rain water before it enters the water-bodies.

This property was accepted because it meets PCLT’s criteria for land acquisition.  PCLT is committed to the preservation and protection ofPutnamCounty’s natural character.  By accepting this donation, further protection was provided for the Ice Pond view shed.  Additionaly, this parcel provides recreational opportunities for fun and health and protection of both water and wildlife resources.

Twin Hill is bordered to the south by the Town ofPatterson’s Clough Preserve.  To the west are the Ice Pond and PCLT’s Ice Pond Preserve.  These three areas protect approximately 220 acres of upland and wetland habitat.

Looking towards Ice Pond.

Directions/Location:  From Route 312, turn north ontoFarm-To-Market Road.  Go 1.1 miles and turn left onto the dirt road at the south end of a small pond. (Look for the PCLT preserve sign at the entrance to the dirt road.)  Continue over the bridge and preserve is on the left by stone chamber.  When parking, please pull into the parking area for the preserve. Please do NOT park on the dirt access road – our neighbors use that road, too.

Visiting the Preserve:  When turn left off the dirt road into preserve property, you will see one of Putnam’s unique stone chambers.  Please note that the stone chamber near the preserve entrance is NOT on Land Trust property.  It is privately owned, and we urge visitors to our preserve to stay away from and out of the stone chamber.  

As you leave the parking area to start the hike, there is a swampy area on your left and higher ground on your right.  A few hundred feet in, near the edge of the marsh, you will come to the first Y intersection where the trail divides into two routes: The path to the left is called the Marsh Trail, and takes you along the edge of the wetlands where you can observe both plant and wildlife that depend on wetlands for their existence.  Some of these include Spicebush, Winterberry and Viburnum shrubs and several species of fern, bloodroot and many other herbaceous plants.   Many different species of birds visit this wetland for food and for shelter and for raising their young.  The trail is an easy trail, but bug spray is a must!  The path to the right is called the Ridge Trail and is moderately difficult.  The Ridge Trail takes you up along the crest of a ridge where the visitor will have the opportunity to walk through a lovely forested area with a variety of hardwood trees and a different herbaceous layer.  Eventually, the trails merge back into one and continue towards the body of water called Ice Pond.  Try taking the Ridge Trail on the way out and the Marsh Trail on your way back.

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Additional Info:  Please sign in before beginning your hike. Help us protect and preserve the plant and animal life found on this property by not disturbing the area, staying on the paths, and by observing the trail regulations posted at the entrance.  Pets are allowed if leashed and cleaned up after.  As a reminder for this particular preserve, please do not park on the dirt access road and do not enter the stone chamber.